Become a tutor on biscarra

Why teach on biscarra?
biscarra is the marketplace for online and offline tutors and students.

Earn Extra Money

As an biscarra tutor, you set your own prices. Earn money as an online or offline tutor.

Build your personal brand

Build your teaching reputation. Demonstrate a history of quality, reliability, and high student satisfaction. Use this reputation to find new students and future employers.

Find new students

biscarra help you to find as many students as you want. Just fill out the profile and stay connected.

Teach on your schedule

Teach as much or as little as you want! Students schedule lessons for times that you are available to teach.

Work from home

All you need is a computer and a headset, and you can teach from anywhere with an internet connection.

Be sure in secure

biscarra uses only modern means to protect the information we collect. Your cooperation with students is always confidential. You do not need to specify contact information, communication with students occurs directly on the site or in a social network convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why it is worth teaching at biscarra?
Besides the obvious reason - to make money, people can teach at biscarra for a number of other reasons. Some enjoy the flexibility offered by online training, others learn, because they can meet with students from different parts of Russia and the world. Some increase their skills and promote themselves as a brand, to attract potential students and employers.

How does biscarra work for tutors?
Biscarra is a training ground for connecting tutors with students. Students can find you as a biscarra tutor in the lists according to the specified search criteria. Students will contact you via biscarra to schedule an online lesson via Skype or other free VOIP software, or a lesson with a personal presence. As a tutor, all you need is to be in touch and concentrate on learning!

How much does teaching for biscarra cost?
Our site works for free.

How do I get money?
Students pay classes directly to you.

What equipment do I need to have for teaching at biscarra?
If you are teaching online, you will need a computer or tablet device connected to the Internet, a webcam with a microphone, Skype or other free VOIP programs.

I have questions about teaching on biscarra
If you have any further questions about teaching at biscarra, visit FAQ. You can also get acquainted with Terms of use of our site. Finally, you can always ask for help in User support.

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