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biscarra. How it works?

Find students and tutors, communicate without intermediaries, use the site for free! Immediately after registration, the student can choose a teacher and contact him directly or leave an open application.

We do not accept or publish any contact information. Communication takes place through the site's messenger or a social network convenient for you.

It's simple: the tutor creates a profile - the student himself finds a tutor and communicates directly.

You are a student. What to do?

1. Choose a tutor

Find a tutor suitable for you:

specify the search criteria;

read the course description;

watch a video presentation.

2. Connect online

Contact the tutor directly:

register online;

write to the tutor;

coordinate schedule.

3. Study!

Aspire for excellence:

study in a convenient location;

prepare for exams;

get better.

You are a tutor. What to do?

1. Get the tutor status

Complete registration and moderation:

fill in information about yourself;

apply for;

become a biscarra tutor.

2. Student can find you

Everyone interested in education can find you:

Your profile is searchable;

student communicates directly;

you make an agreement without intermediaries.

3. Teach!

Convey knowledge to the next generation:

teach in a convenient location;

stay online;

make the world better.

About us

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We are constantly working on improving the functionality and adding new features, stay tuned! If you want to leave a review or share an offer - write to us, we are always glad to receive your letters.